Elliniko is a civil unit of the Municipality of Argyroupolis - Elliniko, located in the southern part of Attica. It was formerly called Loimiko due to the "loimokathartiriou" (def. "a place close to a port for the reception and temporary quarantine of travelers arriving by ship in the event of an epidemic") that was operating in the area.

Later, at the beginning of the 20th Century, the region was renamed "Elliniko" as a more successful name.

The cumulation of Elliniko covers 7.5 km², of which 5.5 belonged to the Old Athens Airport. The population reaches 17,259 inhabitants and is bordered by the municipalities of Alimos, Argyroupolis, and Glyfada.


The area of Elliniko until 1830 was pastureland owned by Turkish Pasha Hassan and in 1922, after the Asia Minor Catastrophe, was inhabited by Pontian refugees. In 1937,  Vouliagmenis Avenue began construction and was completed in 1938.  At the same time an airport with a 1,800-meter runway was created in the area. Since then and until 2001, Elliniko has housed the Athens Airport, when it was terminated as it was replaced by the New International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos". In 1943, during the German occupation, the territory was evacuated due to bombings, while reconstruction began from 1944 to 1945. In 1975, it became a community and in 1982, it became recognized as a municipality. From 2010 and thereafter, via the "Kallikratis project", it was removed of rank and merged within the Municipality of Argyroupolis.

Elliniko is connected to the center of Athens via the road arteries: Vouliagmenis Avenue and Poseidonos Avenue. The municipality has 20 bus lines, 6 tram stops and 2 metro stops (Argyroupoli and Elliniko). Elliniko is an expanse with many infrastructures for residents, squares, playgrounds, and various shops.


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