Exarcheia Square

Exarcheia Square

The often ill reputed Exarcheia Square, just ten minutes away from the center, has become, today, a lovely place for many surrounding university students to congregate as well as alumni and those who like its rock-chic edge.

On Exarcheia Square you will find cafes for all tastes, tapas bars, beer bars and plenty of rock & rock.

The historical outdoor summer Cine Vox, is also located here and helps to draw Greek youth to its low budget, rebetika, rock, free spirited alleys. Unless, of course, you are more of a "cyber-freak" and the "cyber-zone" street of Strournari and its side roads are more your thing. You will find any hardware or software you will need here as well as the latest games and accessories your heart may desire.

If you are a visitor and know a local, ask him or her to tell you where you might engage in the less touristic side of authentic Greek fun…



Exarcheia Square
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