FAQ General in Athens & Greece

FAQ General in Athens & Greece

Here you will find a lot of useful information about Greece and the capital of Greece at a glance. Our FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) have been optimized over the last years to answer frequently asked questions.

Do I need a VISA to visit Greece?
A VISA is not needed for European Union citizens. For all others a VISA is not needed only for a period of three months. After the three month period, a residency permit is absolutely necessary.

What is the currency of Greece? Where is best to exchange money?

The Greek unit of currency is the Euro. The best places to exchange foreign currency to Euro are the banks. You must produce your passport when exchanging money.

Here you can find banks in Athens.
Here you can find Exchange Offices in Athens.

What airports are there in Greece or which is the nearest one to my destination?

Greece has 43 Airports.
Look at a list of all airports in Greece:

- Athens "Eleftherios Venizelos", (IATA-Airport Code: ATH)
- Thessaloniki "Makedonia", (IATA-Airport Code: SKG)
- Patra / Araxos "Agamemnon", (IATA-Airport Code: GPA)
- Herakleion "Nikos Kazantzakis", (IATA-Airport Code: HER)
- Volos "Nea Anchialos", (IATA-Airport Code: VOL)
- Agrinio "G. Karaiskakis", (IATA-Airport Code: AGQ), temporarily closed
- Alexandroupolis "Dimoritos", (IATA-Airport Code: AXD)
- Astypalaia "Panaghia", (IATA-Airport Code: ATH)
- Chania "Ioannis Daskalogiannis", (IATA-Airport Code: CHQ)
- Chios "Omiros", (IATA-Airport Code: JKH)
- Corfu "Ioannis Kapodistrias", (IATA-Airport Code: CFU)
- Ikaria "Icarus", (IATA-Airport Code: JIK)
- Ioannina "Epirus", (IATA-Airport Code: IOA)
- Kalamata "Nestor", (IATA-Airport Code: KLX)
- Kalymnos "Pothaea", (IATA-Airport Code: JKL)
- Karpathos "Ammopi", (IATA-Airport Code: AOK)
- Kasos "Aghia Marina", (IATA-Airport Code: KSJ)
- Kastelorizo "Megisti", (IATA-Airport Code: KZS)
- Kastoria "Aristotelis", (IATA-Airport Code: KSO)
- Kavala "Megas Alexandros", (IATA-Airport Code: KVA)
- Kefalonia "Odysseas", (IATA-Airport Code: EFL)
- Kos "Ippocrates", (IATA-Airport Code: KGS)
- Kozani "Filippos", (IATA-Airport Code: KZI)
- Kithira "Eptanisos", (IATA-Airport Code: KIT)
- Leros "Dodekanisos", (IATA-Airport Code: LRS)
- Lemnos "Hephaestos", (IATA-Airport Code: LXS)
- Marathon "Kotroni Airport", (IATA-Airport Code: LXS)
- Milos "Afrodite", (IATA-Airport Code: MLO)
- Mykonos "Delos", (IATA-Airport Code: JMK)
- Mytilene (Lesbos) "Odysseas Elytis", (IATA-Airport Code: MJT)
- Naxos "Apollon", (IATA-Airport Code: JNX)
- Paros "Artemis", (IATA-Airport Code: PAS)
- Porto Cheli "Kanaris" (privately owned), (IATA-Airport Code: PKH)
- Preveza (Lefkada) "Aktion", (IATA-Airport Code: PVK)
- Rhodes "Diagoras", (IATA-Airport Code: RHO)
- Samos "Aristarchos", (IATA-Airport Code: SMI)
- Santorini (Thira) "Zefyros", (IATA-Airport Code: JTR)
- Sitia "Vitsentzos Kornaros", (IATA-Airport Code: JSH)
- Skiathos "Alexandros Papadiamantis", (IATA-Airport Code: JSI)
- Skyros "Aegeo", (IATA-Airport Code: SKU)
- Sparti, (IATA-Airport Code: SPJ)
- Syros "Ermis", (IATA-Airport Code: JSY)
- Zakinthos "Dionysios Solomos", (IATA-Airport Code: ZTH)

Are there places in Greece that are not safe to visit?

No, Greece is very safe and comparable to other major European cities like Paris or Berlin.

Is the running water drinkable?

Tap water in Athens is chlorinated and fluoridated and is safe to drink. In other areas of the country or islands, be sure to ask first.

Is there garbage recycling in Athens?

Yes. There are special garbage bins marked especially for recycling.

Shall I invest in travel Insurance?

This is always a good idea for travelers and Greece works with all of the prominent companies.

Is there cell phone roaming availible in Greece?

Yes. Presently, the signal strength in any part of the country is strong and available to all cell phone companies. The costs can get pricey, therefore consult your carrier before your visit.

The 3 most important telecommunications providers in Greece:

- Vodafone
- Cosmote
- Wind

What are the Major Commercial Banks in Greece?

The largest banks Greece are:

- Piraeus Bank (https://www.piraeusbank.gr)
- National Bank of Greece (https://www.nbg.gr)
- Alpha Bank (https://www.alpha.gr)
- Eurobank (https://www.eurobank.gr)

- Attica Bank (https://www.atticabank.gr)
- HSBC (https://www.hsbc.gr)

What is the cost of a withdrawal?

Various rules apply (most between € 2,50 - € 6,00. Contact the bank's customer service.

Is it best to make early reservations for travelling within the country, hotels, restaurants, etc.?

This is always a wise choice, but some of the charm of living in Greece is living one day at a time and going with your instinct during your stay here. 7 times out of 10 you will find what you are looking for with very little delay.


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