FAQ Sightseeing in Athens

FAQ Sightseeing in Athens

There are plenty of sights in Athens. Here you will find some useful information regarding visiting archaeological sites, churches and museums.

What are the operating hours of the archaeological sites?

The hours of Operation for the most famous archaeological sites in Athens (Acropolis, Ancient Agora, Kerameikos Cemetery, Roman Agora and Temple of Olympian Zeus) are during the summer months daily from 08:00 to 19:30. In Winter the operation hours are daily from 08:30 to 15:00.

How much are the entrance tickets for the archeological sites?

Depending on the site, some are free of charge and others have standard fee. You can buy also a combo ticket for the most famous archaeological sites in Athens (Acropolis, Ancient Agora, Kerameikos Cemetery, Roman Agora and Temple of Olympian Zeus) for € 12,00.

Is it permitted to take pictures at archeological sites and museums?

Yes, but you are not allowed to pose in front of any of the works of art on display.

Am I allowed to take a souvenir from an archeological site lik a small stone for example?

Absolutely not! This is an illegal act and visitors are carefully watched for such behavior so as to preserve the cultural heritage of the country.

I want a guided tour for an archeological site or a museum. How?

Either through a travel guide service set up before hand there are guides loitering outside certain areas ready to provide these services for a nominal fee.

I am disabled. Can I visit archeological sites such as Acropolis or a museum? How?

There is access to the Acropolis hill and other areas, but many areas could certainly be improved upon. The buses and metro are now fitted with handicap access to get you where you want to go, but please call ahead any archeological sites you plan to visit to make sure they are equipped to deal with all of your needs.

Are pets allowed in archeological sites or museums?

Absolutely not!


Is there a sightseeing bus that I can use to see the most interesting places in Athens?

Yes, there is a charming bus-train that starts from beneath Syntagma Square that will take you all around the historic triangle. There are also roofless buses that can be booked via surrounding travel agencies or boarded on the spot.

Can I enter the Parliament for Sightseeing?

The Hellenic Parliament Foundation is "a private, non-profit organization within the Hellenic Parliament charged with fostering both the principles of Parliamentarism and Democracy and the participation of the Hellenic Parliament in the cultural, social, and educational life of the nation, as well as with supporting attempts to improve the international standing of Greece in general" (Article 167A of the Standing Orders of the Hellenic Parliament; Part One). Visitors can view exhibitions, special events and follow educational programs. https://foundation.parliament.gr.

Can I have a picknik in one of the parks or some hill?

Yes, with the exception of areas that are obviously gated or with specific regulations stated on the premises.

Do I have to be careful of my attire when I visit some places (churches, monasteries)?

Greeks are very open minded and dont really have dress codes EXCEPT for the monastaries which ask that men wear long pants and women have covered shoulders and legs covered with skirts (they also provide an apron-type garb).


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