Festivals of Athens

Festivals of Athens

With a population of over 5 million people and a 7,000 year history, Athens is a famous city, from the ancient to the modern times, for being the hostess to various spiritual celebrations, initations, music and religious festivals.

In the ancient capital of Hellenic Civilization, there were numerous annual festivals that drew people from all around the world to take place in these majestic celebrations. Initiations such as "The Elefsinian Mysteries", celebrations for goddess Demeter, protector of the Earth, god Apollo, protector of the sun and music and god Zeus, the father of gods were held every calendar year in the city of Athens.

Currently, the city of Athens annually hosts a variety of music festivals and cultural festivals and events, from rock to electronic and jazz music and from cinema arts to open theater and dancing festivals. Athens is inextricably linked to outdoor concerts.

One should enjoy the Athenian starlit sky along with a favorite cocktail and a cool night summer breeze blowing the day’s heat away to top it all. There are several annual music festivals that open their gates welcoming everybody to enjoy these breathtaking experiences. Awe-inspiring renowned international music bands and singers create a mosaic of genres, that will absolutely fulfill all of your music tastes. 


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