Frissiras Museum

Frissiras Museum

The Frissiras Museum of Athens is a unique Museum for European contemporary painting in Greece. It was founded by the Vlassis Frissiras family which is also responsible for the administration of the foundation that is made up of a non-profit organization.

Established on 2000, the museum is located a few meters from Filellinon Street near Syntagma Square. It possesses the 3,500 paintings by young Greek visual artists – collected by its namesake, Vlassis Frissiras, dating back since 1978.

The Frissiras Museum continuously moves toward bringing forth a collection consisting exclusively of works centered on 2 axes: the human form and body, and representation.

That is, the figurative art that reinstates a method of painting which has been more or less marginalized by newer forms of art, extending to European artists.


Frissiras Museum
Collections of the Frissiras Museum


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