Function of Averof Battleship

Function of Averof Battleship

The floating museum serves to honor soldiers who gave their lives in sea battles for the sake of defending their country. Visitors learn more about the Hellenic navy and are introduced to technical information on navigation.

The Averoff also organizes exhibitions and seminars with themes related to both Hellenic and international nautical history.

Open access is provided to the:

Main Deck (including gift store and visitor information office)
Left Bow Cannon, Port Cannon, Starboard Cannon, Ship Bakery, Starboard Convention Hall, Port Convention Hall, Admiral's Kitchen, Petty Officer's Kitchen, Crew's Kitchen, Saint Nicholas Chapel.

Liferaft's Deck
Upper Bridge, Navigating Bridge, Map Room, Captain's Room at Bridge, Port Navigating Bridge's Watch.

1st Sub Deck
Balkan War Room, 2nd World War Room, Ship Cross, Hammocks Room, Coal Re-Filling Room, Engine Room, Chef Engineers Room, Engine's Workshop, Officer's Mess, Naval Fleet's Operation Board, Executive Officer's Room, Captain's Room, Staff Officer's Lobby, Admiral's Quarters, Conference Room, Bathroom, Admiral's Bedroom.

2nd Sub Deck
Radio Communications Room, Electricity Center, Boiler's Room, Engine Room.


Averof Battleship Museum
Function of Averof Battleship


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