Gastronomy in Athens

Gastronomy in Athens

When recalling the Athens of many years ago, we remember a less outlandish manner of the life led then. The change in this situation can only be positive from a gastronomic point of view.

Nowadays, the Greek capital is made up of a delicious mixture of cuisines from all over the world. The Greek tastes continue to lead, of course, on the stage of our table. Mediterranean raw materials, a diet traditionally coveted, and the essential influences of the Balkans and the Middle East compose a landscape-invitation for the palate and at the same time remain a great attraction for the visitor from abroad.

On the other hand, foreign cuisines always gain ground in the tempo of a tireless city that always seeks something new. Successful tasty trials send the Athenians to kitchens with "close relations", such as the Spanish, the Romanian, the Czech or the Lebanese.

Others, as greater lovers of the exotic, veer toward China, Japan, Latin America and its hot dishes or India and its spices. The choices are in our favor...


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