Greek Beer Labels

Greek Beer Labels

If you think that decent beer is only imported from the Czech Republic or Germany, you should probably reconsider your options. In recent years, a boom has occurred in the brewery industry in Greece. Many Hellenic beers that were predominantly locally traded in their region are now marketed on a nationwide basis.

Microbreweries consist of the Hellenic beer product first made by the Craft Microbrewery, founded in 1997. In 1999, Zeos Co. produced the first Greek beer in a plastic bottle. Moreover, the Corfu Microbrewery started up in 2006, while the Septem Microbrewery opened in 2009. Notably, Volkan in Santorini was established in 2012 while Donkey, also in Santorini, opened its doors in 2011. Presently, Greece mass produces a variety of beers to satisfy all tastes

Prominent beer brands in Greece:

Fix Hellas
Fix is a Blonde Lager beer with a rich history that started back in 1860 when King Otto gave the first beer production license to John Fix. After a long hiatus, in 2010 the brewery once again set in motion and now holds a very strong market presence. Dark Fix joined the family in February 2012 while Fix Royale (Weiss) appeared in 2014.

Alfa Beer
A Blonde Light Lager with cool, rich foam, easily drinkable that fits perfectly with Greek flavors. Alfa is one of the oldest beers in the country and the first of its kind with a Greek name. It has been made with the same pure traditional recipe until the present time, and the bottle is nearly the same as the 1960's original.

Pils Hellas Beer
Protypos Hellenic Brewery S.A. - a.k.a. EZA. Pils is an innovative product created in 1996, based on an excellent, traditional recipe that has been modified from a top Bavarian brewer. It is prepared with high-quality materials (malt from barley, aromatic hops, the crystal waters from Mount Parnassus) and baked before being released for consumption. This makes it a Greek beer worthy to compete against the best "consumer" beers in the world.

Mythos Beer
Another authentic Hellenic beer, created in 1997 and produced in Thessaloniki. From its first year of circulation, the brew has attracted positive consumer impressions and over time has won several awards and distinctions. Mythos firmly maintains a significant percentage of the market and is the most famous Greek beer across borders. In 2014, the company proceeded to launch a new label called the Mythos Radler Lemon, a refreshing summer beer with a low alcohol content of only 2 %.

Vergina Beer
Vergina beer was born in the city of Rodopi in 1998. The Premium Pilsner has a pleasant, light taste. Their Red Vergina is filled with fruit aromas and their Weiss has hints of cloves and bananas. Moreover, the company is a traditional favorite in Macedonia.

Some of the most trendy microbreweries in Greece:

Mary Rose Beer
The Mary Rose was first released in 2009. It was inspired by the legendary British ship of the royal fleet of England and is based on an English recipe. It is a delightful Red Ale beer with a unique flavor of fruit and candy, with a rich aroma that will satisfy the most demanding beer lovers.

Corfu Beer
Made solely on the Ionian island of Corfu. The first samples were released in the summer of 2009 and the impact made on the residents and visitors established it in the brewery market. It is a fresh beer traditionally produced: fermented at 15 degrees temperature and aged at -1 ° C for 4 weeks. Both processes take place in a specially refrigerated tank and its shelf life is no more than 45 days.

Fresh Chios Beer
Prepared in the area of Campos on the island of Chios since 2010 with fine malt varieties and whole hops. This beer is fermented and aged in allotted, limited quantities for 4 to 6 weeks without additives or preservatives - strictly unfiltered and unpasteurized. It has a characteristic lemon yellow color and a delicate white foam. Its aroma gives off a sense of herbs, flowers, and orange. Those who love the sweet versions of beer should opt for Chios.

Volkan Beer
Volkan is a beer that owes its specific fragrances from certain Cycladic islands (local honey & citron from Naxos and unique lava rock filter basalt from Santorini). Since 2012, it is the first internationally Greece Debt Free certified product. More specifically, Volkan contributes 50% of its profits to reduce the Hellenic national debt. Presently, the company's brands consist of Santorini Blonde, Santorini Black, Volkan White, and Volkan Grey (with bergamot).

Nissos Beer
This product was born in the town of Vagia on Tinos Island in 2012, by Alexandros and Maya Kouris. Its ingredients combine the highest quality malt, hops, and yeast to produce a beer with a rich taste and aroma. Nissos was created to be enjoyed in harmony with Cycladic cuisine. It's made in small amounts because it is unpasteurized and 100 % natural without preservatives.


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