Greek Culture Guide

Greek Culture Guide

Hellenic culture has evolved for thousands of years. In ancient times, Greece was the birthplace of civilization in the western world.

Modern democracies owe a debt to the Greek ideas of government by the people, in litigation by jurors, and equality under the law.

The ancient Greeks pioneered many fields based on systematic thought, including logic, biology, geometry, geography, medicine, history, philosophy, physics, and mathematics. They created significant literary structures such as epic and lyric poetry, history, tragedy, comedy, and drama. Pursuing order and harmonies, the Greeks created an ideal of beauty that strongly influenced Western art.

The origins of the Greeks are profound and intricate. Roots that spread to the depths of the centuries, but also the ends of the earth. A fascinating mosaic of "tribes", who for centuries now live or travel to Greece or move from place to place within its borders. The unique diversity of a small country, but endless. A country of the sea, with open horizons. Dozens of different microcosms. Smaller circles within a larger one that connects them. Each with its own characteristic customs and traditions, festivals, gastronomy, local products, folk art, costumes, architecture, dances, songs, idioms, etc. Discover them one by one, traversing to the known, but also the most unknown destinations of Greece. Explore their diversity, the features that unite them, but also distinguish them.

In Greece, tradition is still alive. Cultural practices maintained since the time of Plato. Habits inseparably linked to places, communities, and celebrations. Uncover the traditions in Greece, its roots, the ones that give it its extraordinary character. The richness, the diversity, and the kaleidoscopic of customs here will amaze you. Participate in their celebrations, in their practices, in their symbolic rituals. You will be fascinated by the authenticity, love, and pride Greeks have and share with anyone who wishes to experience their deepest wealth.

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