Greek Delicatessen

Greek Delicatessen

Listed here are exclusively selected Greek products, which are distinguished for their quality but also their originality. Greek producers who marry - smartly - traditional products with modern nutritional needs, while maintaining their healthy values. Original products that bring the aromas and flavors of Mediterranean cuisine around the world.

These delicious Hellenic food products, each with a separate identity, are made with the best raw materials. Handmade, with excellent quality raw materials and mainly without the use of artificial additives and preservatives. Basically, the roots of the Greek land, its agricultural wealth, excellent quality, and exceptional taste.

The essence of Greek cuisine, pillars of the Mediterranean diet. Moreover, these traditional products are cultivated with respect to traditional recipes.

Olive Oil & Olives
The most popular Greek product, exported worldwide, is the "key" for the Mediterranean diet. Greece is considered the third-largest olive-oil producing country in the world, after Spain and Italy, pumping out over 400,000 tons annually. More than 75% of that is Extra virgin olive oil, which is regarded as the best classification.

Greek Cheeses
The King of the Greek cheeses is feta, a semi-soft white cheese made from goat or sheep milk. Don't forget to also taste kasseri (a medium-hard yellow cheese made from sheep or goat milk), kefalotiri (a hard and very salty cheese), myzithra (an unsalted soft cheese made from sheep milk), and metsovone (a semi-hard smoked cheese traditionally produced in Metsovo, Epirus).

Apart from its fine unique natural taste and freshness, 'mastiha' (or mastic gum) bears proven significant results that it protects and preserves our health via a variety of effects in the body. It is a resin obtained from the mastic tree, a signature product exclusive to Greece. The Aegean island of Chios is considered one of the most famous mastiha origins and producers.

Another Greek worldwide known product, honey is an aromatic sweet material derived from the nectar of plants. Greece has an extended history of bee-keeping and there are more beehives per acre in the country than any other European country. Therefore, it comes as no wonder that Hellenic honey is regarded as the finest on the planet. The expansive biodiversity of flora united with the Aegean summer sun is what supports the production of this distinctive golden nectar.

Greek Yogurt
Yogurt is the dairy product obtained by the fermentation of milk by the action of specific microorganisms. It is one of the fastest-growing food categories in the world. Compared to regular yogurt, Greek yogurt contains almost twice as much protein and hardly any carbohydrates, but 10% fat. Greek yogurt tastes milder and is creamier. Ideally, it is served with honey.

Kozani Crocus
Also known as "Greek red saffron" and "gold from Greek soil". One of the most valuable spices, saffron is considered and called the "pride" of Greece. Exported globally under the name "Krokos Kozanis", it sprouts from a small round bulb that is sowed in late summer or early fall and begets small purple flowers, with 3 red-gold stigma strands in each flower. Saffron spice is created from these dried strands. It owes its beneficiary properties to the particular soil and climatic conditions of Greece (well-tended fields, tons of sunshine, drained soil of medium fertility with a warm temperate climate) as well as to the cultivation methods and traditional practices observed by the province's crocus farmers.

Makedonian Halvas
The Macedonian Halva is a landmark on the Greek table since up to now is the number one choice in traditional pastries. Prepared from tahini paste (100 % ground crushed sesame), it is a healthy, low-fat, traditional snack and a superb option for fasting. Also with pistachio is a tempting combination, as the nutritional nuts provide extra flavor - especially popular among connoisseurs that enjoy Aegina pistachios.


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