Greek Magazines

Greek Magazines

Magazines in Greece, particularly of the "lifestyle" genres, have been a staple with the majority of Greeks who love to go to outdoor cafes and casually spend hours pouring over the pages that benefit the conversations of the group. This might possibly be the only reason that "print is not dead" in this warm and sunny country.

That being said, much has changed in print media around the world in recent years. The traditional periodical press faces several problems. However, in the place of the magazines that we knew until today, new ones are emerging, perfectly harmonized with the digital age we are going through.

Magazines that have different production, design, and philosophy, that redefine our experience of the press. They do not look exactly like magazines, but rather beautiful books that you want to have in your library. In their pages, you discover an alternative view of the world. It is for people who live and grow up with social networks such as Instagram and Facebook and for this reason they rely heavily on the almighty image.


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