Greek Telecommunications Museum

Greek Telecommunications Museum

Established in 1990, the 1000 m2, privately owned OTE Museum of Telecommunications is very unique. It has a permanent exhibition hall, a projection room, a lecture hall a library and a laboratory. The focus of the museum is dedicated to the study of all aspects of telecommunications.

The venue provides educational programs such as integrated Museological experiences – for students of D' grade of Primary school to B' grade of Gymnasium school and children aged 8-13 years old with their parents – and artistic workshops – for kindergarten students & A' to D' grade of Primary school, and also small individual visitors aged 5-10 years old.

Furthermore, via mobile exhibitions, the museum participates in competitions held by Institutions and major operators of science, technology and culture It also offers daily guided tours, programs and actions, "outside the city walls.

The Museum of Telecommunications is a member of ICOM (International Council of Museums), CECA (International Committee for Education and Cultural Action) and CIMUSET (International Committee for Museums and Collections of Science and Technology).


Greek Telecommunications Museum
Collections of the Greek Telecommunications Museum


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