Greek Wines & Spirits

Greek Wines & Spirits

With a history corresponding to that of Greece, the homeland of Dionysus welcomes you to the magic of Greek vineyards. A drunken god roams the country from one end to the other and harvests wine from varieties that are revived after years.

Dry vines, whose roots had been dormant for centuries, wake up to participate in the Dionysian map of the unique Greek varieties. In Greece, wine was never missing from either the table of the commoners or the lords.

Greek wine, with international distinctions now and domestic production that exceeds expectations, is placed in a prominent position during special events of joy, romantic dinners, wherever there is an occasion for a toast and wishes, at big or small celebrations!

Then we have ouzo, tsipouro, mastic, and more...the ultimate Mediterranean aperitifs. Their taste is unique. Their special character smells like Greece and summer experiences. Among the selected Hellenic products, famous spirits and liqueurs are looking forward to revealing their secrets to you.

Greek Wines
This alcoholic beverage is a product of the fermentation of grapes or their juice (must). Wine-like drinks are also made from other fruits or flowers or seeds, but the word wine alone always indicates it is derived from grapes. The most famous Greek variations are Retsina (a white resinated wine), Mavrodaphne (a red sweet wine), and Moschato (a white sweet wine).

Is a drink produced in Greece and is considered the national drink. It is made of alcohol, water, and aromatic ingredients. Anise next to the beach and you enter "aluminum rim" (partial distillation) mode full of pleasant visions. Although ideally served chilled, with or without ice, though many add water which releases the essential oils from the aniseed, try it with apricot juice for a change. As the singer, Panousis said, "Ouzo power, I do not live, I just look".

Tsipouro & Tsikoudia
A strong alcoholic beverage containing 40-45% alcohol by volume, prepared – by distillation – and from the same raw material - stemfyla (grape marc). The old-timers from the village know something. Beautiful as crystal clear water, strong as lightning. This is considered "Greek whiskey". Give it a chance even in bars and it promises to reward you.

Traditional Liquors
The most well-known are the famous mastiha from Chios; the citron (kitro) from Naxos - cool, slightly bitter in taste, very sweet in smell, ideal for lovers of adventurous taste; the kumquat from Corfu (or as it is called, the "golden orange"), and the aromatic Tentoura from Patras full aromas of spices, mainly cinnamon and clove that aids as a digestive.

This is a world-renowned Greek distillate from eau-de-vie that has matured in oak barrels. Its musk is derived from Samos grape varieties, rose petals, and aromatic herbs of the Mediterranean. Spyros Metaxas created this libation in 1888. Often compared to cognac, brandy, or even whiskey, Metaxa 12 stars has a unique and unparalleled aroma! It is usually served after a meal and can be accompanied by a few pieces of dark chocolate. In Greece, it is a drink, especially for winter. On the other hand, the best bartenders around the world use it to prepare signature cocktails with accompanying dried fruits and nuts, such as pistachios, raisins, almonds, breadsticks, or even olives.


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