Hellenic Cosmos

Hellenic Cosmos

Hellenic Cosmos (I.M.E.) is a massive Cultural Center of the Foundation of the Hellenic World that provides visitors with innovative ways to learn about the rich history of the country through interactive exhibits and state-of-the-art applications of modern technology (like virtual 3D tours of ancient sites in the famous "Dome of Tholos").

In operation now for over 2 decades, Hellenic Cosmos organizes a number of artistic events, concerts, and festivals that cater to people of various ages and interests.

The Foundation has the truly meaningful mission of is the preservation and dissemination of Hellenic history and tradition, the creation of an awareness of the universal dimension of Hellenism and the promotion of its contribution to cultural evolution.


The goal of Hellenic Cosmos is to teach us to understand the past as a point of reference for the development of the present and future so that contemporary thinking may once again be inspired by the Hellenic spirit.

Impressive use of a plethora of the most modern communication platforms has been employed to achieve the above mission via their Internet, Multimedia & Film Production Department. Here the emphasis is given to the creation of websites, development of educational software for young people, the building of interactive information kiosks ("Info kiosks"), the creation of interactive exhibits, development of electronic presentations and videos used and placed throughout the structure of the Foundation. These include, amongst others: "Interactive Tour at the Ancient Agora of Athens", "Athena at the Ancient Agora", "Earth is our home", "A Walk Through Ancient Miletus", and "Darwin: the Mystery of Life".

Within the exhibition halls of Hellenic Cosmos, visitors find permanent and temporary displays that highlight the multiple features of Hellenic culture. They are formed according to modern museological design, taking advantage of the most advanced technology with the objective of active participation by its visitors.

All the exhibitions are accompanied by educational programs, which are organized and created by the Foundation's museum educators. They also include Virtual Reality applications and Internet sites that provide additional information, games for students and educators, as well as printed and electronic publications for all ages.

Furthermore, I.M.E. hosts a number of concerts, theatrical performances, and dance festivals at its back buildings that have a capacity of over 10,000 persons. Please note that the schedule of the Hellenic Cosmos could change without prior notice. Private tours are available and entrance prices to exhibits vary.


▶︎ Benaki Museum
▶︎ Islamic Art Museum
▶︎ Jewish Museum of Greece
▶︎ Museum of Greek Folk Art
▶︎ Museum of Greek Instruments
▶︎ National Historical Museum
▶︎ Museum of City of Athens
▶︎ Hellenic Cosmos