Hellenic Motor Museum

Hellenic Motor Museum

Hellenic Motor Museum (est. 2011) is found in the heart of the city, on the corner of 3rd September Avenue and Iouliannou Street, at the impressive «Athenian Capitol» multi-activity complex.

The Hellenic Motor Museum is owned by the Theodore & Joanna Charagionis' Foundation. The art deco cultural venue hosts the first "Classical Automobile Museum of Athens" and its Annexes - covering 5.000 m2 on its top 3 floors.

Get the opportunity to learn about the evolution of the car through the history of the wheel, while ascending the spiral ramp of the building and observing 72 unique displays dating from 300 B.C. to the end of the past Century.

Furthermore, the Hellenic Motor Museum provides many other facilities such as a Formula 1 simulator, a 200 seat-capacity conference center, cafe and an Amphitheater / Cinema with 3D-technology.

The museum shop offers a variety of quaint mementos and bric-a-brac regarding classic cars, and books, etc.


Hellenic Motor Museum
Collections of the Hellenic Motor Museum


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