Herakleidon Museum

Herakleidon Museum

Established in 2004 by Mr. and Mrs. Firos, the Herakleidon Museum strives to highlight the fine arts with installations such as “Experience in Visual Arts”.

It is well known for its permanent collections of works by the likes of M.C. Escher and V. Vasarely, as well as its educational programs that bridge art with mathematics and science.

Housed in a building dating back to 1898, the Herakleidon Museum is a remarkable example of neoclassical architecture and one of the few surviving in Athens.

Presently, the museum has developed into an interactive hub of science popularization and a technological institution that concentrates on antiquity - with an emphasis on the achievements of the Ancient Greeks. The administration focussed on the philosophy of the educational programs that itself established, in the triptych of Science, Art & Mathematics. It continues to offer original educational programs motivated and inspired by its exhibition "EUREKA, Science, Art & Technology of the Ancient Greeks" to students, teachers, and adults.

The Herakleidon Museum celebrated its 10th anniversary with the opening of a new space for art and culture. A center of activities, a short distance from the main building. This is a superbly restored 1895 neoclassical building, facing the pedestrian street of Apostolou Pavlou - lined with historical buildings and café. It is found near the archaeological site and metro station of Thissio, less than a 5-minute walk away.


The Herakleidon Museum annex aims to enrich the cultural life of Athens while complementing and expanding the main direction of the museum. It opened to the general public in 2014, with an extensive tribute to the city of Athens, to celebrate the 180 years since it was proclaimed the capital of Greece.

In consecutive years, the Herakleidon Museum is devoting its activities to Art, Education & Culture. During this time, the institution has organized exhibitions of the work of important artists in tandem with Educational Programs for students, Musical and Literary Events, Art Workshops for both Children and Adults, Seminars, etc.

Recognizing as its primary obligation the continuous expansion of its educational role and the attractions of the greatest possible number of individuals, especially students, the Herakleidon Museum is aware of its responsibility towards society and has therefore decided to put all its energy and potential into enhancing its educational role.