Hill of Acropolis

Hill of Acropolis

The Sacred Rock of Acropolis was chosen in the 5th BC century by Pericles because of a prophecy by the Delphi oracle as the ideal place for the materialization of the first part of a program for the economic development of the city.

This referred to the creation of three imperial temples and one monumental Propylaia that would compose the sacred ground of Acropolis and would prove to be in the future, the symbols of the prosperity of Athens in the economy, the arts and literature.

According to mythology, during the foundation of Athens the citizens were seeking for a patron for their city. Two candidates were presented, Athena and Poseidon, who fought on the top of the hill.

To gain the Atheniansʼ grace, Poseidon hit the ground with his trident and immediately drinking water gushed from the ground. But, Athena, hitting her spear on the ground, made one olive tree grow. A gift that charmed the Athenians and made them chose her. The rejection angered Poseidon, who threatened the city with drought.

Height of Acropolis Hill: 156 m