Hindu Weddings in Greece

Hindu Weddings in Greece

There is a Hindu Temple that operates in Dilesi for Indians loyal of Brahmanism. But these type of visitors who come to Greece are usually super-rich and have wedding productions on islands not just for the actual ceremony, but mostly for the atmosphere.

The wedding package usually includes a symbolic ceremony, since the legal wedding is usually performed in their country. When the customer pays, all demands can be met, even bringing an elephant from India. Indians really like and prefer Crete, Mykonos, and Santorini for their traditional 3-day weddings.

The Indian unions are dominated by the colors, flavors, and traditions from the depths of the Far East. The guests wear traditional costumes, uniforms, silk saris, tattoos, with the Bollywood essence spread everywhere.


Hindu Community of Greece

  • Krishna Temple Athens
    Evripidou Street 74, 10554 Athens
    Tel: +306941456856


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