History of the Greek Kiosk (Periptero)

History of the Greek Kiosk (Periptero)

One of the most inimitable parts of life in Athens – the kiosk (periptero). Street kiosks belong to Greek modern history and have become a staple in everyday life especially in Athens.

The city's first kiosk opened in 1911 on Panepistimiou Street and has since spread as a dynamic social institution. Today, kiosks provide a much greater variety of products and have increased vastly in number.

Kiosks were created by the government as a gift to disabled World War II veterans as a source of self-sufficiency. To this day, it is still the unalienable right of the holders of the legal documents to be the only ones allowed to open and run a periptero. Many have loaned out this document, but a lay person is unable to create one on their own until such time as the government makes its final decision as to whether or not to privatize this sector.

So when you want a bottle of water, chips, cigarettes, magazines or even some sunglasses, you are in fact still honoring the memories of those who fought bravely for their country.

Note that the kiosks found in major squares like Omonoia Square and Syntagma Square are open 24 hours a day if you are anywhere near and get the munchies!


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