Iera Odos (Sacred Road)

Iera Odos (Sacred Road)

Iera Odos is a street that during ancient times connected Athens with Eleusis and later on was named Iera (Sacred) because the Greater Eleusinan Mysteries procession was passing by this road.

Starting at the Sacred Gate in Kerameikos, it was 22 km in length and 4,80 m in width it had all along its length stone columns and written on them were the distances from the Ancient Agora of Athens (precisely the altar of the Twelve Gods), measured in Roman miles.

Today, it follows almost the same route and, starting on Pireos Avenue, passes by the Agricultural University, and continues through the Municipalities of Aigaleo and Haidari to finally connect with Athinon Avenue.

▶︎ Alexandras Avenue
▶︎ Mesogeion Avenue
▶︎ Kifisias Avenue
▶︎ Iera Odos
▶︎ Attiki Odos
▶︎ Kifissou Avenue
▶︎ Athinon Avenue


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