Ifaistou Street

Ifaistou Street

One of the most important streets in Monastiraki is the market of Ifaistou Street and the adjacent small streets or otherwise known as the "Flea Market Monastiraki".

The name came from the Hebrew Elijah Flea, owner of the first antique store in the late 19th Century. The Flea family came in 1863 from Smyrna. The famous bazaar takes place every Sunday, with dozens of vendors selling their wares.

They are very close to each other and you can find from small treasures up to vintage objects. They sell furniture, tools, appliances, clothing and shoes, even old magazines. Most items come from private collections.

Many of them, mainly furniture, will need renovation because they certainly have suffered the ravages of time. The competitiveness between the stores cannot be avoided; hence, the haggling of prices is commonplace.


Ifaistou Street
Shopping on Ifaistou Street

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