Iliou Melathron

Iliou Melathron

The neoclassical building of Iliou Melathron was designed and built in 1878 by Ernst Ziller, intended to be the home of archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann, who was doing excavations in Troy (Ilium).

Τhe Iliou Melathron building is surrounded by garden around its three sides. Its ground plan has a near square perimeter with dimensions 23x25 meters and twin monumental staircase in its northern side. The front is decorated on both floors by Ionian columns. The interior is richly decorated with "Pompeiian" murals and decorative paintings on the walls and ceilings.

The Iliou Melathron is considered Ernst Ziller's best work and the most opulent private building of its era. The appearance follows the Italian Renaissance era and the interior is decorated by mosaic motifs from Greek mythology. Just as in other works by Ziller, it is obvious here that the diagram of the front is "shaft - base - capital", in accordance with the classical horizontal order.

In 1927 the building was bought by the Government and housed the Supreme Court of Justice. Nowadays, it has become the Numismatic Museum, while total restorations managed by the Office of Museum Works of the Ministry of Culture are underway. Also, there are preservation works underway of the murals and the interior decor, converting the building to a Museum.


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