Jewish Weddings in Greece

Jewish Weddings in Greece

Marriage in Jewish Synagogue Jewish weddings can take place in a Synagogue, at home or outdoors. Many couples choose to get married outdoors, as a remembrance of God's promise to Abraham that he would have many descendants, as many as the stars in the sky. The Rabbi reads the marriage contract, with its terms and commitments for the married life.

The ceremony ends with a symbolic gesture of the groom who breaks a glass with his foot in memory of the destructions of Jerusalem and of Solomon's Temple.

The first Synagogue in Athens, is on a street off Ermou, on Melidoni Street. The second and newer, Sephardic Synagogue called the "Peace House" is directly beside the other.

There are 2 Synagogues in Thessaloniki and more in Larissa, Volos, Trikala, Corfu, Ioannina, and Chalkida. There is also one in Rhodos, recently renovated. Finally, there is one in Kos that also operates as the Municipality Cultural Center.

In mixed marriages, there are gender issues that arise, as well as class and "dominant religion" questions. Before the establishment of civil marriage in Greece in 1982, women were joining the religion of the husband.

The same is true today for a wedding ceremony in the Synagogue. The cost depends on the number of guests and the many different parties that might take place.

Jewish Community in Athens


  • Synagogue in Athens
    Melidoni Street 8, 10553 Athens (Kerameikos)

  • Sephardic Synagogue "Peace House"
    Street 5, 10553 Athens (Kerameikos)