Kanelopoulou Museum

Kanelopoulou Museum

The Museum of Paul and Alexandra Kanelopoulos is housed in a Neoclassical in Plaka in 1972. It has on display the private collection of the Kanelopoulos family, with more than 6,000 items and art pieces from the prehistoric through modern times.

The Kanelopoulou Museum reopened in 2010 with the addition of a new wing built with a donation of the late Alexandra Kanelopoulou.

Exhibits are presented both chronologically and thematically in two wings. The new wing displays the collection of objects dating from the Prehistoric to the Roman era, while the original structure houses exhibits ranging from the Early Christian to the Post-Byzantine age, as well as various exhibits from the Modern age.

The visitor has the opportunity to admire diverse objects like tools and vases of the Neolithic period and folk jewelry of the 19th Century.


Kanelopoulou Museum
Collections of the Kanelopoulou Museum


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