Kastella (Piraeus)

Kastella (Piraeus)

One of the most beautiful and most prestigious districts of Piraeus is Kastella, which was once full of wonderful villas. Some of them resisted time and are restored today, decorating with their presence the city of Piraeus. Its streets lead to the picturesque Mikrolimano.

The area of Kastella starting from the edge of Pasalimani and Alexandras Square combines a section of the city and spreads to the hill of Kastella - at an altitude of 90 m. Up here we arrive at the chapel of the Prophet Ilias, which is next to the open-air theater "Veakio" that hosts remarkable musical and theatrical performances in the summer while enjoying the magnificent view of Mikrolimano. Around the church, there is also a grove with pine trees, a water well for city supply, and a playground.

History tells us that during the liberation struggle of 1821, in the siege of Athens by the Kioutachis troops, the Greeks were fortified by the hill, under the leadership of Georgios Karaiskakis. Since then it is said that the name "Kastelias" (def. "small fortresses") and later "Kastella" prevailed. On the western part of the ridge, there was a cannon that was erected during the blockade of William Parker. Kastella, in principle, was settled by citizens of Crete (hence its name, the "Cretan" district). Then, around Mikrolimano and west of the Prophet Elijah Hill, they were refugees from Asia Minor.

It was in 1960 that the first taverns appeared, while from 1980 onwards, in the region of Kastella, many bars and cafes opened. Throughout the coastal zone of Pasalimani, every moment of the day, visitors can enjoy an aromatic Greek coffee, ouzo with traditional snacks or a hearty dinner with Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, fine wines, and music.  All this while enjoying lovely views of Pasalimani and watching the boats dock, yachts and sailboats that blend in the bay and "disturb" the otherwise tranquil waters.

Thus, the bay is by far one of the favorite areas of the city for young people but also for tourists, since it is full of color and vitality from the morning to late evening. Within walking distance to Pasalimani and Pireaus center, it is ideal for walks and relaxation in an idyllic environment!

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