With cosmopolitan style and gracious origins Kifissia is one of the most beautiful suburbs of Northern Athens. With a classy and glorious historical past, Kifissia, as the most popular destination of the Northern suburbs, absolutely exceeds all expectations.

Situated in a wonderful green scenery, the region offers astonishing walks and unique moments of relaxation. As for the history, Kifissia is one of the 12 cities of ancient Attica, when Kleisthenis constituted the Municipality of the Erechthiida race. The area's name is derived from the river Kifissos.

The residents, in 1880, created their first community in order to fulfill economic emancipation. A few years later, the region functioned as a seasonal center - where Egyptians and citizens of Athens, Chios and Constantinople used to go on vacations. One significant factor that contributed to the economic evolution of the area was the local train, which was called "Thirio".


In the heart of the Suburb Kifissia, notice the abundance of mansions, luxurious properties and its impressive architecture. If shoppers want to acquire luxurious brands, visit the central commercial streets of the region: mainly the roads: Kyriazi Street, Levidou Street, Kolokotroni Street and Kassabeti Street. Surely it's the ideal choice for those who want to live in a cosmopolitan location, with a lots of green.

The majority of residences are apartments or maisonettes with small or bigger gardens, but exquisite detached houses or villas are also available for rent.

The train to Piraeus begins from Kifissia and is connected to the Athens Metro, while the region is served with daily frequent, roughly every 30 minutes, buses from the center of Kifissia to the center of Athens and other areas. Lastly, for those who prefer qualitative and high standard amusement, top-chosen restaurants & hotels, hospitable cafes, and/or cozy bars, then Kifissia will definitely not disappoint.

One of the main and most beloved areas of residents of Kifissia is the historical and traffic-jammed Platanou Square, near at hand, from the railway station and close to the extremely popular parkland of Kifissia.

The latter is a popular meeting point, accepting hundreds of visitors at the famous Flower Exhibition that takes place every spring. The Flower Exhbition yearly hosts almost 2,000 different species of plants, mainly from Greek producers, at low prices. If you are a lover of flowers, colors and perfumes, the Flower show will exceedingly excite you in a unique natural environment.