Lake Vouliagmenis

Lake Vouliagmenis

Lake Vouliagmenis, a true oasis in the southern suburbs of Attica, is located in a natural environment in Vouliagmeni, situated in the southern side of Athens (driving direction from Athens to Sounio).

In a verdant natural landscape, full of vegetation and tall trees, between hammocks, hanging beds and wooden deck chairs, plants and greenery all over, the lake is an exceptional choice, for relaxing and enjoying a swim. The lake water comes out from springs between 50 and 100m deep and the temperature remains constant between 22°C and 29°C during both winter and summer-time.

The bottom does not exceed 16 meters and its surface is half a meter above the sea level. The water is fed from both underground springs and the sea, and therefore is brackish. At the spot where now the lake stands, there was a huge underground cave within which abundant water was running at high temperatures, which eroded the walls, resulting in the decline of the roof of the cave and the submersion of the massif.

The lake, extremely popular with the residents of the southern suburbs and all over Athens, is also known for its healing attributes. An area of relaxation and well-being, a landscape of amazing beauty, a place of tranquility, a natural oval swimming-pool that will astonish and gives the feeling of being in paradise. Swimming in its healing waters, which have a rich content of salts and minerals, becomes a truly unique experience. Hydrotherapy with thermal spring water is an internationally recognized method, with documented beneficial effects.

Natural healing ways protect health and prevent simultaneously from the onset of various diseases. Lake Vouliagmeni is a spa, recognized by the Greek National Tourist Organization (EOT) and included in the National List of "Greek Spas". The hydrotherapy with therapeutical waters is a internationally recognized method, with argued beneficial results. The natural ways of treatment protect health and simultaneously function preventively from the onset of various illnesses. In the lake you may enjoy activities such as fish spa and sports, like walking, bicycling, yoga and pilates, but also hiking in the pinewood forest.

The lake opens from Monday to Friday and Weekend from 07:00 to 20:00. The coffee shop and the restaurant opens early in the morning up to late evening. This is a unique and beautiful environment with a bright, simple, modern decoration, sophisticated and clever design.

Luxurious and quiet, it is a natural place of relaxation and calm, with a hospitable entrance that will charm you at first glance. Either select the lake from Monday until Friday, or Saturday and Sunday, choices abound. Via willing and polite personnel, the restaurant offers a great variety of cocktails and smoothies, delicious salads and tasty light meals. During the summertime, a variety of musical events are presented to the general public.

For visitor relaxation and wellness, the lake offers sunbeds and umbrellas, free parking and disabled access. You will definitely enjoy the plentiful light during the day or may celebrate at night, in the comfortable dining tables, in a idyllic environment, with your beloved friends and family persons.