Loutraki is located in the prefecture of Corinth in the Peloponnese. It is a good-sized city located 84 km from Athens and 4km from the Isthmus of Corinth. In ancient times, Loutraki was known as "thermes" because of the thermal springs located in the area.

Today, Loutraki with a population of 11,564 inhabitants, is one of the most famous spa towns, a tourist resort known for its thermal baths, for mineral drinking water, as well as for its casino.

A visit to Loutraki immediately shows first-time visitors how much beauty it hides, how many sights there are to see, and how much fun can be had. Walking through the city, admire the listed buildings that make a special impression on you. Specifically, at G. Lekka Street 60, there is the 2-story listed building - a house built in 1928. It has all the features of its time (simple in volume, with an interesting entrance) and is quite remarkable.

On the same street at number 19 is the registered building of the Pallas Hotel. Built in 1923, it has 5 floors and very impressive marble oval entrance stairs. The casino holds a special position in the city. Club Hotel Casino Loutraki offers its guests opulent action with various games and with 2 rooms VIP and VVIP - Tholos that offer high services to even the most demanding customers. Also, anyone who wishes can be accommodated in the luxurious casino hotel that possesses all expected amenities.

Loutraki has a wonderful beach 3.5 km with a pebble coastline, awarded with a blue flag that provides complete safety to bathers (i.e. lifeguards) and is suitable for water sports. For those who want something more intense and special, there is Lake Vouliagmeni. It is located 16 km away from Loutraki, has a sandy shore, and is a beautiful lagoon. Note that next to Lake Vouliagmeni is the Heraion of Perachora, an archaeological site of great importance where laid a temple in honor of the goddess Hera.

As mentioned above, Loutraki has thermal springs rich in mineral trace elements with healing properties. The hot baths are now known all over the world, with the most important being the Loutraki Thermal Spa, where one can enjoy many treatments aimed to rejuvenate and offer well-being to the body. In terms of food and drink, Loutraki has countless restaurants with refined flavors and excellent service, such as the Aquarius of Club Hotel Casino, highlighting Greek and Mediterranean flavors.

For delicious seafood delicacies and fresh fish, there is the tavern "Gannis". For Italian flavors, we recommend "Ami" with a wide variety of pizzas and spaghetti. Finally, to conclude your walk nicely, all you have to do is visit the cafe - cocktail bar "Anassa" and relish special cocktails directly in front of the beach of Loutraki.


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