Lycabettus Hill & Dexamenis Square

Lycabettus Hill & Dexamenis Square

Most visitors to the famous Hill of Lycabettus choose to use the funicular to get to the top. Located at the foot of the hill at Ploutarchou Street and the small dead end road of Aritipou 1 in Kolonaki, it is privately owned and operated from the Kastelorizo Group of restaurants.

The base of the funicular also houses a small gift shop for a visitor to pick up a souvenir of their climb. The enterprise runs daily – through rain or shine and every day including all holidays – from 09:00 to 01:30, every half hour on the hour. The little train seats approximately 34 persons and takes only 3 minutes to make it up the hill, taking you directly to the entrance of the Horizons restaurant-cafè at the end.

Animal enthusiasts will be happy to hear that they allow small dogs to enter. Note that those of you wanting to take larger dogs up and around Lycabettus Hill, will enjoy the various green pathways carved throughout the hill that many pet lovers enjoy on a regular basis.

Those of you lucky enough to visit during the fairer seasons might happen upon a concert taking place atop at the Lycabettus Amphitheater! Religious or not, a visit to the peak of the Hill at the 19th Century Chapel of St. George, is well advised.

During the summer months, the lovely, outdoor Cine Dexameni is found in Dexamenis Square (known for the historical water-well in that park area), at the base of the Hill of Lycabettus. Located directly across from the world-renowned, 5-Star Hotel Lycabettus, it offers the most impressive view of the surrounding area.

The movie theater provides a bar with tables for its customer’s pleasure and regularly screens international films - most often with subtitles, so as not to change the original language of the production. Simply, enjoy the panoramic view of Athens and end your night on a romantic note!