Malls & Department Stores in Athens

Malls & Department Stores in Athens

We like shopping, entertainment, food and of course window cruising. But sometimes, in fact, did it not make you feel tired or frustrated? If it's cold, hot or you can't find parking spot? These issues and many others are always in mind by those who build and operate shopping centers.

The most Malls are on locations with easy accessibility and create functional areas that include all the activities a family needs together with their planned purchases.

The advantages, so to speak, out-weigh the disadvantages. They have plenty of shops with all the known brands in the market, concentrated in one area. Walk around and you can get an overview of fashion and price range. Thus, the market research is cut in half and shopping is certainly done in a pleasant environment with multiple offers available.

In the disadvantages section of malls, there is the issue of easier accessibility by car and the more impersonal relationship between clients and sales clerks. We believe that because our time is limited and our finances are shrunken, the existence of a wide variety of wonderful shopping centers and the many facilities there, is a strong incentive to visit them.


Malls & Department Stores
Attica Department Store
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