Mavilis Square

Mavilis Square

Mavilis Square is a popular meeting spot in Athens. It has been around for decades, attracting many young people from far and near to the few funky bars that offer drinks in hand to take out to the square and its fountain.

Found directly on Vassilis Sofias Avenue, Mavilis Square is located dircetly above the United States Embassy, pointing north towards Ambelokipoi and the Athens Tower. Its history began in the 1930s going by the name ''Stegi Patridos'' (def. "Homeland House") because of its closeness to the State-run refugee houses. It took its present name in 1938, dedicated to the poet, Lorenzo Mavilis, whose bust is in the square. It is very close to Megaron Moussikis (Concert Hall) and the US Embassy.

During the 1980s and 1990s, it was a regular site to see the square overun with long-haired youths sporting tight jeans and grabbing cheap drinks from infamous bar, Loras (named after the popular owner of the establishment).

Presently, the more serene outdoor cafes host lawyers and doctors - who have their practices on the surrounding Streets of Soutsou, Kokkali and Michalakopoulou. Moreover, artists, alternative types and couples frequent popular Briki bar (Dorileou Street 6), which lives harmoniously with the after hour hangout like "MG" Bar, next door.

A good spot to see people during the summer months, the small square is also the home to one of the most popular hot dog stands in town (est. 1989). Renowned for its unaffected and unpretentious hangouts for coffee and drinks, it has established itself over the years as a favorite choice and reference point for day and night life in the city.


Furthermore, the Megaro Moussikis (Athens Concert Hall) is a must-see for opera lovers visiting Athens. The acoustics here are famous for rivalling those of New York and Sydney!