Monuments of Kerameikos

Monuments of Kerameikos

There is much to see on the railing of the archaeological area of Kerameikos. The many small paths sometimes lead across ancient roads, bridges and graves on different levels. Here you feel like an archaeologist on a discovery tour.

The most important monuments of Kerameikos are the following:

Section of the Themistoklean Wall
Section of the Themistoklean Wall which crosses Kerameikos from the north to the south. (478 B.C.)

The Dipylon Gate
The most official and largest Gate of Athens. It has to entrances that lead to an interior courtyard with four towers in each corner.
(478 B.C.)

The Pompeion
An ancient building that was used to store the items used in the Panathenian processions. It is a spacious structure with a columned courtyard.
(5th Century B.C.)

The Sacred Gate
The Sacred Gate is the Gate of walls from which commenced the Sacred Way (Iera Odos) – that led to Eleusis. It had two square towers and a courtyard that split into two sections. The one section was occupied by the watercourse of the Eridanos River.
(478 B.C.)

The burial enclosure with the Stele of Hegeso
(410 B.C.)

The marble bull of the Tomb of Dionysios of Kollytos
(345-338 B.C.)

Demoseon Sema Monument
This is found outside of the Dipylon Gate - that is, the area of state graves, and the Public Cemetery of the city. The graves were found on the fringes of a road that had a width of 40 m outside of the walls. A portion of this area was found in 1997 during a restorative excavation.

The Fountain House
Left of the entrance of the Dipylon Gate was a fountain house that was fed with water by the inhabitants of the city and passers through.
(307-304 B.C.)


Kerameikos (Ancient Cemetery)
Monuments of Kerameikos
Kerameikos Museum

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