Mount Parnitha

Mount Parnitha

Located 30 km northwest of the city center, Mt. Parnitha is a steep mountain spanning a 1,413 m altitude with dense vegetation ideal for trekking and Athens's popular alpine destination protected by the Natura 2000 European network.

It is the only National Park in Europe close to a capital with rich flora and fauna, amazing views and a network of over 75 walking paths of varying difficulty. The Parnitha National Park extends over 3,800 hectares and was declared in 1961 with the intention to preserve and protect the mountain and its wildlife.

Parnitha's flora is one of the richest throughout Greece with more than 1,100 plant species, while the fauna includes a remarkable bird population and more than 29 kinds of mammals. An important wetland habitat for wildlife is the lake Beletsi situated on the eastern slopes of Parnitha at a height of 600 meters close to Ipokrateios Politeia area.

2 climbing associations, along with the Forest Service of Parnitha have created the dense network of the sign posted trails that covers the whole mountain range. There are 2 cozy and very welcoming, mountain shelters for resting or sleeping one at Mpafi, owned by the Hellenic Alpine Club of Athens, and the other one at Flampouri, belonging to the Hellenic Alpine Club of Acharnes.

Height of Mount Parnitha: 1,413 m