Municipal Gallery of Athens

Municipal Gallery of Athens

Nearly all of the historic Greek artists are represented by some of their important works in the collection of the Municipal Gallery of Athens.

Over half of the artworks that the gallery currently houses were acquired between 1930 and 1940. The first work it bought was the sculpture by D. Philippotis, «The Fisherman».

The venue is presently located in a neoclassical building, on Avdi Square in the area of Metaxourgeio. This renovated building was constructed in 1834-35 by Danish architect Hans Christian Hansen and is considered one of the most classic buildings in Athens.

The Municipal Gallery of Athens owns over 3.000 unique pieces - most of them Greek, with few exceptions – which are representative of the trends, foreign influences and bountiful discussions that have marked the journey of Hellenic art. It also includes an interesting collection of engravings, with works by great masters of this art, their followers and other young engravers.

Moreover, seminars and workshops for children regularly occur there free of charge.


Municipal Gallery of Athens
Collections of the Athens Municipal Gallery


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