Municipal Gallery of Piraeus

Municipal Gallery of Piraeus

The Municipal Gallery of Piraeus was built in 1957 to function under the Library of the Municipal Theater. Τoday, after having changed many addresses, it is housed in the building of the old Post Office of Piraeus.

In 1985 the Municipal Gallery of Piraeus officially became an independent department that displays 837 works, among by respected artists such as, M. Axelos, K. Volanakis, P. Vyzantiou, A. Geralis, E. Doukas, D. Kokotsis, Th. Lazaris, N. Lytras, K. Maleas, M. Ekonomou, K. Romanides, A. Christofis. Furthermore, a special place is reserved for a large number of artists from Piraeus.

As a natural part of the evolution of the Municipal Gallery of Piraeus, it now provides educational seminars and programs, for the purpose of teaching children from kindergarten up to elementary and secondary education.


Municipal Gallery of Piraeus
Collections of the Municipal Gallery Piraeus


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