Museum of Kerameikos

Museum of Kerameikos

The Kerameikos Museum is housed in a small neoclassical building that is enclosed and visitable through an entrance on the last block of Ermou Street. Here you will find a lot of the discoveries from the excavations of the Kerameikos area. Some of them are on display at the National Archaeological Museum.

The discoveries from the excavations of Kerameikos are on display at its official museum, which is located on the archaeological site of this important ancient cemetery.

It was created in 1937 by H. Johannes – with a donation of Gustav Oberlaender – and expanded in the 1960's with the support of the Boehringer brothers.

Upon the actual location, one can view the walls of Ancient Athens and the great gate. A select section of the sanctified road going towards the Acropolis is viewed here. Moreover, the ancient Athenians had erected a square at the edge of the cemetery. There, rituals and sport events were held in order to honor the dead.


Museum of Kerameikos
Collections of the Kerameikos Museum
Archaeological Site of Kerameikos


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