Observatory of Penteli

Observatory of Penteli

Apart from the Thissio site, which hosts the main facilities and includes an Astrogeophysics Museum and the historic library of the Observatory, there are 3 more locations for the National Observatory of Athens.

The Penteli Astronomical Station, situated at Pentelic Mountain, the Kryoneri Astronomical Station, found in Northern Peloponnese, and the Helmos Observatory in southern Greece.

The visitor center of the Penteli Astronomical Station on Koufos Hill on the mountain of Penteli has been operating since 1995 in a beautiful marble building with a rotating 14 m wide hemispheric dome.


It houses the 62.5 cm Newall refractor, aims to provide scientific education to students and informs the general public on astronomy-related topics. The Penteli Observatory hosts the Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, the Institute of Space Applications and Remote Sensing, the Institute of Environmental Research and Sustainable Development, and the Geodynamics Institute.

The Penteli Astronomical Station is conducting tours which must be booked in advance and are available in multiple languages, including English. There are special tours for elementary and high-school students. Night observations of the sky using the Newall telescope are conducted 4 times a month, on Fridays and Sundays at 20:00.


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