National Parks of Attica

National Parks of Attica

The National Parks in Attica aim to preserve the distinctiveness of the areas and the rich flora and fauna found therein, but also to eliminate human exploitation - which in the past had turned forests into urban areas.

The first 2 national parks in Greece were declared in 1938, on Mount Olympus and on Mount Parnassus, in order to protect endangered plant and animal species and provide them with a vital and unique habitat.

Throughout the years, further national parks were established amounting to a total of 22 in mountainous and marine territories across the country. The heart of these and their peripheral zones are protected. Most human activities such as hunting, cutting plants, buildings and industries forbidden on these locations.

The National Parks of Attica are great destinations to observe and enjoy nature, engage in sporting activities such as hiking or mountain biking, and learn more about the history and culture of the wider area.

Furthermore, the parks are like open-air museums - providing elements for scientific study and environmental education, thus motivating visitors towards a more ecological way of living.