National Library of Greece (SNFCC)

National Library of Greece (SNFCC)

In 2018, the National Library of Greece replaced its roof as it moved into its new home on the grounds of the immense Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center (SNFCC). It is a 24,000 m² ultra-modern glass building, designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano, funded entirely by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

Its interior combines tradition with new technological innovations. The institution imported 750,000 general collections of books, 40,000 for the lending department (10,000 are educational games) and 30,000 issues of various thematic magazines, which were placed in Reading Room.

From the entrance, visitors are led to a huge space, from which they have direct visual contact with all of the individual functions of the library. The immense natural light that bathes the space, making reading books more comfortable and effortless. Its library's Lending Department has separate areas for adults, teens, and children. The decor is dominated by massive wooden structures - creating a sense of warmth and companionship for scholars and the general public. Most notably, the library possesses 8 reading rooms and 400 seats for guests.

The institution is also often used for lectures or other public events because of its large expanse. The purpose of the New National Library is to create an atmosphere where visitants can find whatever information they are looking for, regarding not only Greece but also around the world.


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