Old Stock Exchange

Old Stock Exchange

The Athens Stock Exchange (est. 1876) was located on Sofokleous Street, until 2007. Thus making the Exchange and the Street synonymous with each other. Since then, its daily operations have been given over to Hellenic Exchanges - Athens Stock Exchange S.A., whose shares are listed.

The Athens Exchange Group (Athex Group) is a group of companies that provide support to the Greek Capital Market.

The history of the Athens Stock Exchange (began on the 30th of September 1876, when it was founded as a self-regulated public organization under the rule of Alexandros Koumoundouros. It was a milestone in the nation's history and essential for economic recovery after the Ottoman Empire.


Before the stock exchange was founded, all of the proceedings and decisions were handled regarding borrowing national loans issued at the time were conducted at the historic café "l Orea Ellas".

Above the traditional coffee house in Monastiraki, which incidentally still exists today, was the Athens Merchants Club, wherein the most influential economic experts of Athens of the 20th Century passed through.

Today, the Athens Stock Exchange is located in its new headquarters at Metaxourgio.