Onassis Cultural Center (Stegi)

Onassis Cultural Center (Stegi)

The Onassis Cultural Center is located in Athens, at Syngrou Avenue 107, constructed entirely with money and supervision by the Onassis Foundation and is a real gem building for the city.

The erection of this building was carried out on a privately owned plot of 3 acres and attracted the interest of 66 architectural offices from around the world. It was ultimately dominated by the French developers "Architecture Studio", the proposal of which resulted in a construction of high architectural aesthetics.

The building has a rectangular white exterior with horizontal marble stripes that act as a "backdrop", as the sun reflects on the day giving the impression of waves, while overnight artificial light allows the public to see the appearance of the interior "volume" of the building. Inside the structure - on an area of 18,000 m² - there are 7 floors and 9 underground floors. Its principal halls are the "Main Stage" with a capacity of 880 people, and the "Small Stage" with a capacity of 220 people suitable for various events, such as theatrical performances, film screenings, concerts, seminars, conferences, and lectures. It also has an exhibition and lecture hall on the 5th floor with a capacity of 100 people, and an exhibition area of 700 m² in the basement level of the cultural center, used for exhibitions and other events.

On the 6th floor of the building there is a café-bar, where you can have your coffee or your drink relaxed in a stylish environment, as well as the "Hytra" restaurant, which on the warm summer months is transported from the 7th floor to the roof of the Onassis, offering to the visitors a magnificent spectacle with the background of the Acropolis, Lycabettus Hill, and the skyline of the city of Athens. The "Hytra" restaurant - named after the ancient Hellenic clay pot - includes Greek dishes, which aim to highlight the country's' raw materials and traditional recipes.

Lastly, in order to keep with you the Onassis magic forever, we suggest that you take pictures from 2 different points. The first one is directly in front of the entrance, which is adorned with 2 unique statues. The second is from the duplex Starcity Odeon, where you will be able to photograph the whole building and therefore this small architectural "miracle".