OTE Megaron (Cosmote)

OTE Megaron (Cosmote)

The skyscraper is the Cosmote Megaron on Kifisias Avenue, a place that is now called "daktulidi" (def. "the ring"). This is the headquarter of Cosmote (formely OTE), the biggest telecommunications company in Greece.

The decision for the construction of the building was taken in the mid 1960's. There was an architectural contest of 2 phases. What is worth mentioning is that the second prize winner finally was the architectural team, since the first prize was never given to anybody. The building's plans were talking about a "star".

It was build between 1970-1980 by the architects Masselos, Mavromatis and Nakos and has a structure of 64.758,10 s.f and an area of 52 acres. Its construction was connected with the commencement of a broader development of telecommunications in Greece. It is the 8th tallest building in Greece.


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