Pagrati & Mets

Pagrati & Mets

The areas of Pagrati and Mets, close to the center of Athens, full of coffee bars and dining hotspots, green landscapes are provided to enthusiastic visitors from all over the city.

Pangrati and Mets are two of the most outstanding choices in capitol of Greece, Athens. Pangrati is located near Arditou Hill, between the Avenue of Vassileos Konstantinou and Ymmitos Avenue. Placed in south-eastern of Athens, Pangrati borders Kaisariani on Eastern, Vyron on the south, Kolonaki on the north, Ymmitos and Mets. At the same time is in small distance from the city center.

The most well known street is Ymittos Avenue. Pangrati developed mainly during the post war period, when the majority of buildings were erected. Nowadays, this is one of the most populated regions of Attica. Mets, eastern district, is located between Zappeion and Hill Logginou.

Pangrati was named by Pagratios Iraklis. Some hold the view that Pangrati derives from a monk named, Pagratios, that lived in the region during Ottoman domination. The name Mets was derived from a beer hall, near the area of Illisos, which was opened in 1872 by Charles Fix, son of Bavarian, Johann Karl Fuchs, founder of famous brewery. "Mets" also, was called the city, of the last battle of French-German war, in 1871, which French, granted forcibly in Germany.

In Pangrati exist four main squares: Plastira Square, Proskopon Square, Varnava Square and Mesologiou Square. Νear to the main parkland of the area, is found the famous road Arxelaou. You may visit Proskopon Square, between roads Pavsaniou, Arrianoy, Arxelaou and Vasileos Konstantinou. Try a pedestrian walk in the regional parkland, which was built in 1902 by Spyros Merkouris.