Parking at Athens Airport

Parking at Athens Airport

Based on the time you plan to stay, a long period or short time, you may chose the car parking areas accordingly. Travelers can book parking spaces using e-Parking service on the official website of Athens Airport.

Free parking is available (for cars) in the short term parking area for a period of 20 minutes or less, and (for motorcycles) in the Arrival curbside sections prior to Exit 1 and after Exit 5. Short term parking (P1 & P2) is located at the Arrivals Level, opposite the Airport terminal, with 1,357 parking spaces available, for a maximum amount of time of 5 hours. The P2 area also provides an innovative service in cooperation with BMW Hellas - after the installation of the first ever electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle charging station at a Greek airport. Drivers can simultaneously charge their cars using the charging cable (compatible with a TYPE 2 vehicle plug) without any additional charges.

Long term parking (P3) is located across the Airport's main access road (Attiki Odos Motorway), with 5,802 parking spaces available via free Shuttle Bus. Walking across the pedestrian bridge you may reach the Departures Level in approximately 5 minutes.

P3 Holiday is a new service offered at the lowest prices. Provided solely through e-Parking, it is recommended for longer stays. Transport to/from P3 Holiday: Use the Shuttle Bus free of charge. Transfer time: approximately 8-10 minutes. Directions for reaching P3 Holiday from the Airport’s main access road (Attiki Odos Motorway): Follow the signs for Long Term Parking P3 and enter the parking lot P3 Holiday following the orange signage.

Moreover, the airport provides the Executive Valet Parking for premium car parking services. Just drive your car to the Departures Level (Entrance 3, Valet booth), hand over the car keys to their trained personnel and your car will be safely delivered back to you on the exact date and time you specify at the same location. They also offer car-wash services and charge of electric vehicles upon request. Lastly, 5 car rental companies currently operate at the Athens International Airport. Their offices are located at the Arrivals Level of the Main Terminal Building.

Another alternative is to use an external Athens Airport parking service provider. These companies are located in the vicinity of the Athens airport and offer cheap parking and a shuttle bus connection to the terminals.