Parking Lots in Athens

Parking Lots in Athens

Parking in Athens is a challenge to say the least! Our suggestion to drivers is to not even bother to look for opportunities on the streets, as many of the times tickets are issued (Parking fines of € 80 are quite normal in Athens) or cars are towed without proper warning signs beforehand.

We suggest to visitors to utilize the main parking lots in the center. Prices begin at € 5,00 to € 10,00 for the first hour and rise incrementally depending on how many subsequent hours you chose to keep your vehicle parked (really only worth-while if you plan on staying for over 3 hours).

Moreover, do not be alarmed when the parking attendants request for your car keys. It is a common practice in Greece for them to hold onto until your return. This relates to the reason as to why they will likely ask for how long you plan on being gone so as to know best where to situate the vehicle.

The following car parks offer some good and safe parking facilities in the center:

Parking Sytagmatos

Filellinon 12, 10557 Athens (Syntagma)
Phone: +302103244090

Metropark Athens

Patroou 8, 10557 Athens (Plaka)

Polis Park Rizari
Rizari 4, 10675 Athens
Phone: +302107255420

BA Park Center Kolonaki
Solonos 56, 10672 Athens (Kolonaki)
Phone: +302103387655


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Parking Lots in Athens


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