Pedion tou Areos

Pedion tou Areos

Pedion tou Areos (meaning Aresʼ Square), is the largest green area in Athens - considering Athenian reality - between Alexandraʼs Avenue and Evelpidon Street.

It is one of the "lungs" of the city with a big network of aisles and paths. The park is widely used by the neighbors, who have objected in the past the enclosure of the area, believing that this would minimize access to the park.

Pedion tou Areos it does not have the role of an immense park with the international meaning of the word "park", because it dilapidated relatively quickly and unfortunately quite neglected.

The Pedion tou Areos houses many exhibitions (books, florist, ornaments) and shows throughout the year.

All of the terminals of Attica K.T.E.L. (intercity buses) are located on Mavrommateon Street, a street on the west side of this park.

The remodelling plans of the area were presented on March of 2008 by the Prefecture of Attica, of which the creation of a botanical garden was implemented as well as green walkways with rose bushes, a skateboard park and canals to present the element of water. Now, more than ever, this oasis in the city has given citizens much needed refreshment and a more positive outlook upon their living surroundings.