Peisistratos was the tyrant of Athens from the years 546 B.C. to 527 B.C. Taking advantage of the political and social imbalances that were apparent in Athens at the time in addition to his rise in popularity after the conflict with the Megarans he managed to reinstate tyranny in Athens.

However, the reactions of his various competitors forced him out of power, which he regained for a short period of time in 558/557 B.C. In 546 B.C. after Peisistratos had organized a powerful mercenary army to support him he attempted to overindulge his rivals and permanently establish himself into power.

His policy could best be described as moderate, since he preserved the already existing laws of Solon, naturally holding onto the right to have the final say in all political decisions.

He also took different measures for the improvement of agricultural production as well as the reduction of unemployment. Furthermore, he reinforced the traditional holidays and funded an expensive construction program.

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