Pericles was born in 495 B.C. and died in 429 B.C. He played a leading role in the political events of Athens as the leader of the Democratic political party. Together with Ephialtes, he was the founder of the said, "radical democracy" - giving the citizens of Athens the ability to direct entrance and participation in the political goings on of the city.

Through the Delian League, Pericles succeeded in making Athens the first power in the Mediterranean while at the same time, he decorated the city with monuments of overwhelming beauty and elegance (Amongst these works was, of course, the Parthenon).

He also considered the conflict with Sparta a natural outcome of the increased power of Athens. For this reason, Pericles drafted a strategic plan of which modern day researchers have made numerous comments on.

The horrible plague that had infested Athens at the beginning of the Peloponnesian War resulted in the deaths of nearly 20% of the population of Athens one of which included Pericles himself.

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