Peristeri & Bournazi

Peristeri & Bournazi

Peristeri, is located about 5 kilometers northwest of the city center and it's one of the most populous areas in the Athens' metropolitan area. The population density reaches almost 14,000 inhabitants per km².

For a long time, Peristeri was therefore regarded as a favorable residential area for Athens. However, this changed with the Olympic Games in 2004, since then the district has a metro station. As a result, real estate prices rose significantly.

Bournazi, a district of the Municipality of Peristeri, is one of the most well-known nightlife areas of the city - located in the center of Peristeri. Bournazi is situated close to Agios Antonios Metro Station. It is found on the eastern side of the municipality near Kifissou Avenue.


The area of Bournazi was originally an industrial region. Until the decade of the 1980s only traditional cafes, confectioneries and taverns existed here. However, in recent years, the region modified itself into one of the most famous nightly amusement centers of the western suburbs, with some of the factorial installations now transformed into well-known clubs & cafeterias.

The main streets of the area are Agias Paraskevis Street, Konstantinoupoleos Street, Kyprou Street, Paraskevopoulou Street and central 28th October Square. Located near Bournazi is the Church of Saint Paraskevi and Daskaloyanni Square.